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Based on ChatGPT, achieve advanced text recognition, analysis, and summarization. Enable you to communicate with any PDF or webpage anytime, anywhere.

ChatPDF - Online Experience

ITextMaster allows you to chat with any PDF document in natural language. It is very suitable for quickly extracting information or answering questions from large PDF files such as manuals, papers, legal contracts, books, or research papers.
ITextMaster analyzes the PDF to create a semantic index for each paragraph. When you ask questions and chat bag questions, AI will use the relevant paragraphs to provide you with answers.

This example is trained based on the document "Comprehensive Overview of Large Language Models" and can be immediately experienced. Click toupload your own PDF file.

ITextMaster - Your Personal Document Assistant

AI experts in the field of documents: reliable and intelligent document assistants

Document Chat - Interact with PDF

Local document: One click upload of local PDF, making document processing easy and efficient. Without the need for tedious steps, you can directly interact with your local documents, enabling intelligent text analysis, summarization, and questioning.

Online Document: Enter the online PDF address and we will immediately retrieve the content and initiate document interaction. No matter where the document comes from, you can start using ChatGPT for text processing and communication.

Web Chat - Interacting with Web Pages

Online webpage address: Whether you want to explore news articles, blog posts, or academic papers, simply enter the webpage address and iTextMaster will automatically retrieve and parse the webpage content.

Analyze webpage content: Quickly extract key information from the webpage for summary, and easily interact with webpage content.

Smart Chat

Frequently asked questions: We will help you generate common questions about documents so that you can quickly obtain the information you need. This is a powerful tool that can help you save time while capturing the essence of document content.

Specific Questions: If you have specific questions or need to delve deeper into certain aspects of the document, you can freely ask questions to the document. ChatGPT will provide you with intelligent answers to ensure that you obtain the necessary information.

ITextMaster - Intelligent Document Interaction

AI helps you unlock the potential of documents, enabling functions such as questioning, abstract extraction, and information search.

Upload files

Upload PDF documents from local or website.

Intelligent Processing

Artificial intelligence instantly extracts key information and obtains intelligent answers.

Contextual interaction

Every question includes the original content of the document to ensure accurate answers。

ITextMaster Features

ITextMaster eliminates the need for time-consuming answers, saves time, and improves work and learning efficiency.

Friendly interface and more convenient operation

The interface of iTextMaster is carefully designed, allowing users to get started immediately without any effort. Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced user, our user-friendly interface will provide you with a pleasant experience. Quickly upload documents, easily ask questions, without the need for complex learning curves. You can start using iTextMaster anytime, anywhere, and instantly enjoy convenient document processing and intelligent answers.

Based on ChatGPT, answers are more intelligent

We use powerful ChatGPT technology to make iTextMaster a leader in intelligent queries. The ChatGPT API handles user questions and provides fast and accurate answers. Whether you need in-depth academic explanations, practical suggestions, or detailed explanations of information, iTextMaster can provide you with highly intelligent answers. This means you no longer need to browse a large amount of text, just ask iTextMaster questions to get answers that meet your needs.

Multi language support, more comprehensive service

ITextMaster understands the importance of multilingualism and provides services to users worldwide. We support multiple languages, allowing you to interact with documents in the language you are most familiar with. Whether you are a scholar, entrepreneur, or regular user, iTextMaster will cross language barriers and provide you with multilingual support. This comprehensiveness provides users with greater flexibility and convenience.

Intelligent browsing assistant - more convenient for asking questions

Whether you are reading news, blog articles, or academic papers, iTextMaster's intelligent browsing assistant provides you with a one click summary of the content. Click on the chat window in the lower right corner to obtain the key points of the article, and then immediately ask questions. Intelligent text processing simplifies your reading experience and saves time.

frequently asked question

What is iTextMaster?

ITextMaster is an excellent text processing tool that combines artificial intelligence technology to enable you to upload and process various types of documents, including PDF files and web pages. It can generate document summaries, provide intelligent answers, and support multiple languages, aiming to simplify the text processing process, improve your understanding efficiency, and save valuable time. Not only that, iTextMaster can also help you find the information you need, ask questions, and provide intelligent answers, making text processing easy and efficient.

How to upload PDF files or specify web pages?

Uploading PDF files or specifying web pages is very simple. For PDF files, simply click on the "Upload" button and select your file. For a specified webpage, simply enter the webpage address in the chat window. ITextMaster will immediately retrieve and process documents for you to interact and ask questions. This allows you to handle text from different sources without the need for tedious operations.

How does iTextMaster work?

ITextMaster creates semantically rich indexes paragraph by paragraph by analyzing the content of PDF documents in depth. This index is an intelligent information architecture that carefully captures the key concepts and correlations of each paragraph. When you ask a question to iTextMaster, our artificial intelligence engine cleverly utilizes this semantic index to accurately locate and extract relevant paragraphs containing the most accurate answers. This means that you can quickly find the required information in the document without reading a large amount of text, thereby improving efficiency and depth of document understanding.

How does iTextMaster provide intelligent answers?

ITextMaster fully relies on ChatGPT technology, which is an advanced natural language processing model. The strength of ChatGPT lies in its ability to deeply understand user questions and provide textual responses in an accurate and intelligent manner. This technology is widely used to handle various topics, from academic questions to practical suggestions, providing users with high-quality intelligent answers. Without getting stuck in lengthy text analysis, iTextMaster enables you to quickly obtain the information you need through ChatGPT, helping you solve problems and achieve tasks, providing unprecedented convenience for text processing and information acquisition.

What are the benefits of using iTextMaster?

ITextMaster provides users with a series of important benefits, including the ability to quickly and accurately extract required information from complex manuals, papers, legal contracts, books, research papers, and large PDF files such as ChatDoc. This feature completely simplifies the tedious process of finding specific answers to questions in large PDF documents, greatly saving you valuable time and energy, making document processing and information acquisition efficient and convenient. No longer need to aimlessly browse through a large amount of text, iTextMaster will accurately and quickly present the information you need, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Is iTextMaster suitable for personal and professional use?

The goal of iTextMaster is to improve user productivity, optimize workflow, and provide specific functionality for software applications, thereby increasing their value in professional tasks. In addition, iTextMaster also supports various convenient, customizable, or additional plugins that can bring more convenient and personalized experiences to individual users. The applicability of plugins will depend entirely on individual needs and expansion capabilities, in order to meet the diverse needs of different users.


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I am deeply impressed by this artificial intelligence driven PDF document analysis tool! It effortlessly extracts important data from complex documents, simplifying my workflow. The accuracy in recognizing text, tables, and graphics is significant

— Hugh Hansom

A groundbreaking PDF analysis tool! For researchers like me, this saves time. The ability of artificial intelligence to identify keywords, structures, and even historical trends in documents is astonishing

— Anna Wong

As a legal expert, I rely on this artificial intelligence tool to interpret complex legal documents. The accuracy in identifying terms and legal terminology is impressive. It greatly reduces physical labor and allows me to focus on interpreting research results

— Jane Adventures