iTextMaster vs ChatPDF

While ChatPDF is one of the earliest Chat PDF tools in the market, it lacks innovation and is slow on new feature implementations. Here's why iTextMaster is one of the better alternatives to ChatPDF.

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Comparison between iTextMaster and ChatPDF


The monthly membership price of iTextMaster is more cost-effective compared to ChatPDF.ChatPDF is expensive

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Usage method

ITextMaster is a legitimate browser plugin that is very convenient to use. It can be downloaded and used in the browser extension store, while ChatPDF is used for webpage display and is subject to too many external factors.

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Function Characteristics

ITextMaster has a unique practical feature where users can click on the button on the webpage of the plugin. It can summarize any webpage in the browser on the same page and generate a summary for the user. The chat function is also retained. These are all things ChatPDF does not have.

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Intelligent recommendation

The initial page of iTextMaster has an intelligent book recommendation function, where you can simply click on the book you want to read and receive AI provided summaries without uploading.

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Free AI PDF analyzer tool Online

Quick reading of PDF documents,chat with web page - iTextMaster

How to use iTextMaster?

  • Install the iTextMaster extension in Edge or Chrome browser.
  • Select the “Uplosd” mode.
  • Enter the question you want to ask in the dialog box.

Using examples to demonstrate

Customize questions to ask questions about the document.

Still More Features

The purpose of TextMaster is also very charming, and there are many more.

Both Edge and Chrome are available for use

Professional team development

Quickly reading documents to improve work efficiency

One click copy to generate text

Document Information Security

PDF document upload

Using iTextMaster, you can obtain a productivity tool.

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