How to Use PDFGPT? Here is how you can chat with pdf for free.

AI excels at summarizing texts and can save a lot of reading time. But we can do better: instead of just receiving a simple summary of any given text, it's better to have a conversation with AI about it, answer specific questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the material. Coincidentally, we have such a solution in PDFGPT iTextMaster.


What is PDFGPT-iTextMaster

PDFGPT iTextMaster is an innovative tool that can convert users' PDF documents into a knowledge base of ChatGPT type interfaces.

iTextMaster,AI driven text analysis, summarization, and chat tools,based on ChatGPT, achieve advanced text recognition, analysis, and summarization. Enable you to communicate with any PDF or webpage anytime, anywhere.

By directly delivering PDF documents to GPT for analysis, users can obtain highly accurate information summaries. The launch of this tool will greatly simplify the process of processing document tasks, allowing users to easily and deeply understand document content and communicate with GPT on document content at any time. For users who feel tired from the increasing number of document tasks, this will be a highly attractive solution.

How does it work?

iTextMaster explains that PDFGPT establishes a semantic index across all paragraphs of the PDF. When responding to a query, PDFGPT identifies the most pertinent paragraphs from the PDF and leverages the ChatGPT API from OpenAI to produce a response. This essentially signifies that PDFGPT has ingeniously circumvented ChatGPT's limitation in handling extensive documents, enabling seamless interaction with large volumes of text.

Getting Started Guide

In order to enable users who read this blog to quickly understand the usage of iTextMaster, a product usage guide is hereby issued.


iTextMaster is a novel browser plugin that supports users to access it on Edge and Chrome browsers.

Below is a nanny level tutorial to share.

  • Obtain Edge&Chrome browser software on the computer

Taking Chrome browser as an example.

  • Click on "…" in the upper right corner of the initial page.Select "Visit Chrome Web Store" in the "extensions" hover
  • After entering the Chrome Web Store, enter "iTextMaster" in the search bar and click confirm.
  • Click "Add the Chrome" to obtain the PDFGPT plugin - iTextMaster. For daily use, click on the small icon in the navigation bar in the upper right corner.


After opening the iTextMaster PDFGPT, we can click on the left side to upload the document that needs to be analyzed using GPT.

In order to improve timeliness, iTextMaster has also thoughtfully equipped a variety of mandatory books in various fields below, which can be uploaded with just one click to improve user reading efficiency.

After uploading the document, PDFGPT iTextMaster will quickly generate a summary text for the document. You can customize the question input in the dialog box or choose the question example provided by PDFGPT.

In addition, iTextMaster also has web page analysis function. As long as you open any page in the browser, click on the iTextMaster shortcut button on the page to immediately obtain the summary of the page, and you can communicate and ask questions about the web content to AI.


In short, iTextMaster relies on its powerful GPT model to establish a platform for users to communicate with PDF documents, greatly improving their reading and work efficiency. It is not an exaggeration to say that iTextMaster is an indisputable PDFGPT platform. Through iTextMaster, users can interact with PDF documents, not only quickly obtain the required information, but also perform operations such as editing, annotating, and commenting, achieving a more efficient workflow. Whether it's learning, research, or business applications, iTextMaster can bring great convenience and improvement to users. Its powerful GPT model not only accurately understands user needs, but also generates high-quality answers and solutions. Whether dealing with a large number of technical documents or conducting in-depth research and analysis, iTextMaster can become a powerful assistant for users. By interacting with iTextMaster, users no longer need to spend time and effort flipping through a large number of documents, but can directly ask the platform questions and obtain instant answers, greatly improving work efficiency and learning effectiveness. In short, iTextMaster is a powerful and irreplaceable PDFGPT platform that brings users a brand new reading and working experience.