4 Best Free AI Summary Generator in 2024

The need for effective content processing is higher than ever. Regardless of whether you‘re a student, researcher, or professional, the capability to swiftly extract and condense information from PDF files has the potential to revolutionize the way you work. We have curated a collection of the top five free PDF summary generators. These resources are specifically created to streamline your workflow, enabling you to save precious time and effort, while guaranteeing that you never overlook crucial insights concealed within lengthy PDFs. By utilizing these effortlessly accessible and user-friendly solutions, you will transform your document processing methods, making information more accessible and manipulable than ever before.

AI Summary Generator

Opting for the most optimal free summary generator can revolutionize the dynamics of reading.
Envision reducing the time required to peruse through a lengthy document.
Efforts to comprehend intricate, ambiguous, and protracted files can be arduous, particularly when time is scarce.
The summary generator enables swift extraction of facts and information from any document, including scientific articles.
One of the most noteworthy justifications for utilizing a PDF aggregator is its contribution to efficient learning and research.
The right summary generator can facilitate document comprehension, even for future readings.
However, not all summary programs are created equal, and a plethora of text summary programs guarantee optimal summarization outcomes.
It is imperative to discover a PDF summary generator that comprehends the document comprehensively and provides a succinct and accurate overview. This way, you can avoid overlooking important details, thereby eliminating the need to resort to extensive document reading for confirmation.
Within this article, you will discover four exceptional free summary generators to suit your preferences.

iTextMaster is an AI PDF summary generator. After uploading a PDF document to a designated location, iTextMaster will quickly provide users with a summary of the document. Users can also have a conversation with AI in the iTextMaster dialog box to analyze the content of the document and help them understand it more deeply.

In order to help everyone better understand iTextMaster, an AI PDF summary generator, the following is a specific introduction to the functions and purposes of this AI tool, as well as the relevant usage methods that will be introduced.

1.Chat With PDF:Click "Upload" PDF file or drag and drop in the designated area to transfer the document and quickly chat with PDF.

2.Chat With Web:ITextMaster is not only a document summary generator but also a web summary generator. The biggest feature of iTextMaster is that after installation, it can summarize any page of the browser and analyze webpage content through dialogue with AI, which is very convenient and fast.

3.Intelligent recommendation:Intelligent recommendation: In order to meet the reading needs of some users, iTextMaster provides a quick book recommendation function. Clicking on the desired book on the page will quickly provide feedback on the content of the book, which is very suitable for users who need to write their reading feedback, convenient and accurate.


  • Support GPT models to provide more accurate answer results.
  • You can only read and interact with one document at a time.
  • No need to create an account to aggregate your content.
  • Easy to track chat records.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • It is an Edge and Chrome plugin, so you can chat with PDF anywhere on the webpage.


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GPTPLUS, a Chrome extension for ChatGPT, is powered by GPT-4 and GPT-3.5. It will Provide text summarization and webpage summarization functions.. You can always chat and interact with ChatGPT AI assistant in the sidebar.GPTPLUS also has a professional plugin tool called ChatsNow.ChatsNow is an online Sidebar extension for ChatGPT, compatible with Chrome and Edge.It is your copilot on the web, improving efficiency for your work and study, and providing convenience for your life.

GPTPLUS‘s key features:

  • AI Summary Generator:Summarize the text on the browser page by drawing words, and also summarize any page in the browser.
  • AI generator, capable of creating various textual works,With stable, efficient, and diverse training modes, GPTPLUS's AI story generator integrates some stable and efficient training models, such as ChatGPT, Claude, New Bing, etc.
  • Multiple template prompts help writer story.
  • Customized writing, you can choose writing style, length, and so on.
  • AI tools are used to change the rhythm, write the next part of the story, outline chapters, and so on.


  • ChatGPT is a product of OpenAI, and the AI assistant is based on ChatGPT to achieve intelligent services. Now supports GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and Claude.
  • Integrate a powerful sidebar in the browser, supporting custom questions, ChatGPT translators, text editing, ChatGPT programming, syntax checking, writing papers, summarizing, chatting with ChatGPT, AI drawing, and more
  • Optimize your writing, enhance your reading, and serve as your reading and writing assistant.
  • By enhancing the results you obtain on search engines, you will quickly obtain higher quality answers that combine online content with powerful AI answers.


It does not support document uploading for summarization.


3.PPT Summary

Using PPT Summary Genius, users can engage in natural language communication in PPT and PowerPoint, ask questions, obtain summaries and answers in real-time, and generate an outline of the PPT based on the topic.

The purpose of PPT summary:

🔹 For students 👨💻
Understanding and remembering the information in textbooks and research papers is crucial for students, but they often feel bored. Talking to your files allows you to interact with learning materials, efficiently prepare notes, and better understand the content. Ask questions about complex concepts, definitions, or theories, and then obtain easily understandable answers. With PPT Summary Genius, learning becomes easy and effortless.
🔹 For researchers 🔬
As a researcher, you often have to deal with dense and information rich files. PPT Summary Genius can help you quickly discover deeper insights and improve your research level. Ask precise questions in your file, extract key data, and quickly gain insights. Through PPT Summary Genius, you can focus on research while we are responsible for data extraction.
🔹 Work use 💼
Effectively analyze your files. Whether it's financial reports, sales reports, project and business proposals, training manuals, or legal contracts, PPT Summary Genius can quickly provide you with the information you need.


  • After uploading the PPT, you can directly obtain the file steel structure of the PPT, and quickly obtain the summary content of the PPT, which is very convenient.
  • Based on the theme you input, an outline of the PPT can be generated, and during the chat process, the outline can be modified, supplemented, and the information of the outline can be improved, becoming a good helper for you to make PPT


The function is relatively simple.


IntelliPPT is a PDF summarizer that transforms your long PDF document into a short summarized text containing every detail.
As an AI-powered tool, it uses advanced algorithms to digest your documents and ensure that your summary provides a complete and clear picture.

This tool summarizes content by splitting long sentences and looking for connections between them. Ultimately, you have a concise text that isn’t too short to lose context and accuracy entirely. You can also adjust how short the summary is, thereby gaining more control over the results.
It is an excellent tool for summarizing research reports, articles, professional emails, technical reports, and whitepapers.


  • It can work with various document formats, including text, PDF, and DOCX.
  • You can adjust the size of the summary text.
  • It allows you to convert documents into PPTs directly.


IntelliPPT does not support a variety of document and file formats.



So an online summary generator is ideal whenever you want a summarized version of your article, report, presentation, or scientific paper.

That said, iTextMaster stands out as the best tool that provides a quick summary and interacts with you to find every answer you want from that document.
With it, you can continue asking your PDF questions until you understand every important detail in the most digestible manner possible. Start using iTextMaster summarizer today and eliminate the stress of chasing important details from your documents.

Overall, iTextMaster is an excellent AI summary generator.